From small installs to full on live music venues we can give you quality and reliability at a cost you can afford.

We specialise in the installation, repair and maintenance of music systems, audio/visual equipment, public information systems and CC TV  for public venues such as Restaurants, Pubs, Clubs, Live music venues, Night-clubs, educational establishments and public amenities.


Restaurants need to be open in order to make profit so for this type of client we offer an overnight service. We start work when your premises close and are gone by the time you arrive the next day to start serving your customers.


Live venues need to have a crisp clear sound with sufficient processing and speaker volume to make any band feel proud of their performance.


For educational establishments we provide a service wrapped around the curriculum so that the education of young people is not affected during installation work.


We only use top named equipment including JBL, Celestion and  speakers; DBX, BSS, Lexicon and Alesis audio processing modules; Crown, C-Audio, Alesis, Samson and Amcron amplifiers; Spirit and Allen & Heath mixing consoles.


We also do an excellent line in digital CC TV systems to provide you with a safe and secure environment for your customers, and clients at a competitive price to suite your needs.


If you are looking for the best at a reasonable price then give us a call for a free quote.

Telephone 01515 200 806